Barcelona vs. Milan semi: Head coaches, mic'd up


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    You can't get any closer to the Final Four than to hear it from microphones worn by the head coaches. Check out what FC Barcelona's Sarunas Jasikevicius and AX Armani Exchange Milan's Ettore Messina had to say while coaching in the second semifinal in Cologne, Germany.

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    1. Vytautas Karpauskas

      1:01 Pau : oh...

    2. Deniz Demir

      3:00 Saras saved the game

    3. Russ Hl

      "Why are we dribbling the ball? Еп твою..." lol

    4. Lina St

      I love Saras. So funny when he inserts those Russian swearwords :DD

    5. Akmal Pahlevi

      european coach is just on q different level

    6. Kadir Kolanci

      Anadolu efes 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🐺

    7. borjevere

      Messina, a pesar de ser muy exigente, tiene un toque cariñoso y cercano con los jugadores que me encanta.

    8. Levi's The best

      This content is awesome

    9. Not Krisbass

      We really can see the difference

    10. Blue Sky

      Saras is boring! Messina is calmer and quite. Saras kill the players! I not like his coaching style.

    11. Dost Adam

      3:07 Messina's look tells everything. İ wanted Milan to win. Efes-Milano final could have been better

      1. Dinas Din

        Not really but ok

    12. Suclu Ofkeli

      efes barca final pls

      1. Veli Kutay Şahin

        i am waiting too

    13. Taha Akyol

      Messina is f.cking cute. I love this man

      1. Dost Adam

        İtalyanlarin geneli sempatik

    14. Düzgün Sarhan

      Anadolu efes çok kuvveti kalite

    15. T Mo

      Man I don't know how players cope with coaches like Saras or Zeljko everyday for seasons and seasons

      1. zilvis11

        Saras and Zeljko are great and funny guys off the court, however both are maximalist and they want win no matter at what cost.

    16. Sevcen23

      Saras highlights lack all the BLETs and NACHUIs although they do contain one JOBTVAJUMAT which is a nice touch from editors to leave it there.

    17. murat mert

      The look in messina's eyes at the end...

    18. Ejleyfur Sverisson

      Saras is always screaming, shouting. Stop Saras anymore. You are not a coach. You wasted 50milyon Euros of Barca.

      1. Ejleyfur Sverisson

        @Tautvydas D This is not a style. That style was valid during the soviet union era. Saras stayed at that period.

      2. Tautvydas D

        Thats is his style to shout if it works its good if not too bad. By the way 50 mil wasted. He did not waste any mills then he got into final 4 with zalgiris with 3-4 mil budget in 2017. And he was geting in playoffs couple of years with them. With same underdog team different players every year that was written off before every season. So you better check your facts before talking bulshit. Hes a good coach.

      3. Sport TV

        @Ejleyfur Sverisson He found these players: Pangos, Micic, Davies, Leday, Walkup, Toupane, White. Barcelona should let him select the players he wants then results could be better. But no they want to buy fucking Gasol brothers!

      4. mouad sabir

        @zilvis11 barcelona doesn't pay 50 million , they are in crisis it's just 34 and with the cut is more less In 2019 it was 40 the same as madrid but many players left as malcom pangos tomic etc .. As a barca fan i totally agree with mirotic point they should get rid of him and with his salary bring needs real needs

      5. Ejleyfur Sverisson

        @Sport TV I cannot tolerate that everyone is talking about how good coach Saras is. If he was that good where was Barca at the finals? The players of Barca are much more better than Efes. I watched Saras during finals. He was demoralizing the team, screaming and shouting. He is like a coach from the 60s in the Soviet Union.

    19. SuperTallarin


    20. Herhangi biri

      it was fanstastic thank you